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Poverty is an affront to human dignity and humanity as a whole. Unfortunately poverty continues to rear its ugly head accompanied by growing inequalities. In its menacing track it erodes dreams and destinies and tears down the social fabric. The declaration of War Against Poverty by government is a call for human solidarity to engage in deliberate and practical activities to restore human dignity and build caring communities.


In pursuing this agenda the Department Social Development working the Social Protection and Development Cluster have launched Fiends Friends of the Poor Partnership Programme to serve as a bedrock from which an offensive against poverty will be launched. Aligning with the government`s command: WORKING TOGETHER WE CAN DO MORE to programme seeks to mobilize critical resources to give expression Operation Hlasela  which is aimed at  accelerating service delivery. 

The plan is premised on the following strategic imperatives of the cluster:

  • Strengthening social protection measures
  • Development of social and human capital
  • Promote social cohesion
  • Job creation and sustainable livelihoods
  • Building sustainable communities 
  • Develop and sustain partnerships with social partners to accelerate service delivery
    The campaign represent just but one element of strategies to combat poverty and building caring communities



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Friends of the Poor


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